What is Junisys Implement?

Junisys Implement is a team of highly skilled engineers and project managers dedicated to providing optimal implementation expertise for information infrastructure projects. While the best software, hardware, and design can lay a solid foundation for a network, it’s the implementation process that ultimately brings everything together and ensures the network is operational, optimized, and fully documented. IT managers may find in-house implementations challenging, as recent improvements in infrastructure solutions do not translate to easier implementation of complex heterogeneous networks. The Junisys team understands the intricacies of network implementation and will work closely with your organization to ensure deadlines are met, and the network is fully optimized to its fullest potential. Choosing Junisys for your implementation needs guarantees a successful project implementation.

What is covered by Junisys Implement?

Our network implementation services include:

  • LAN, switched LAN and virtual LAN implementation
  • core, distribution, access and dial-up network implementation
  • legacy protocol integration
  • security solutions, including firewalls and encryption
  • Intranet, messaging and groupware implementation
  • Our implementation services cover the whole installation process including:

    • Site preparation
    • Equipment installation and configuration
    • Installation validation with functional tests
    • Optional acceptance tests documented in design documentation
    • Detailed implementation documentation

Benefits of Junisys Implement
Clients using Junisys implementation services benefit from first-hand experience our engineers have gained in design, implementation and troubleshooting of large multiprotocol networks. Following design documentation developed during Junisys Design phase, our engineers implement the network design optimizing the equipment configuration to give our clients optimally performing infrastructure that support their business processes and give them competitive advantage.

Reliable & Safe

Financial Services

Network and Security is imperative in any Financial Institution. In this world where security is paramount, we provide much needed assistance.

Travel and Aviation

Customer data protection is an important factor in travel Industries. Our assistance will help you create a safe haven for your data


Our services are based on the best practices and highly sophisticated technology to satisfy the needs of clients.