Junisys Secure service may include the following offerings:

Network Infrastructure Security Assessment (LAN, WAN)
The key component within this service is security assessment of the internal enterprise network infrastructure security assessment that supports key business processes. Junisys Secure detects network devices (routers and switches) vulnerabilities, as well as their network and security services (routing protocols, anti-spoofing services). The assessment includes both the network access layer, where endpoints connect to the network, as well as the distribution and core layers of the internal network.

Firewall Security Assessment
The enterprise perimeter is typically connected to external networks, such as public networks or networks of business partners by using firewall systems. Junisys Secure analyzes the quality of the firewall system implementation, the firewall system resistance, granularity of separation, firewall rule correctness, and management.

VPN Security Assessment
Virtual private network (VPN) connections have a number of possible vulnerabilities due to the complexity of their settings, key management complexity, and exposure to public networks. Junisys Secure analyzes the quality of cryptographic settings (algorithm choice, key length, authentication mechanisms, etc.) and the quality of access control between public and private networks over the VPN device. The service supports both IPsec and SSL VPN technologies.

Wireless LAN Security Assessment
Wireless LANs provide significant benefits, but expose an organization to a series of possible threats that can be mounted across physical perimeter boundaries. Junisys Secure analyzes the quality security settings for WLAN devices (and associated infrastructure, such as AAA servers), the quality of cryptographic settings (algorithm choice, key length, authentication mechanisms, etc.), and identifies the presence of unauthorized WLAN endpoints.

IP Telephony Security Assessment
Enterprise IP telephony in its default setup is often vulnerable to various network threats, such as signaling controller compromise, call interception, and theft of services. Junisys Secure service detects vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure that supports IP Telephony services, and vulnerabilities in IP Telephony endpoints and applications, such as IP phones, signaling controllers, gateways, etc.

What is the result of the Junisys Secure service?
The result of the Junisys Secure service is a report on the network security posture and includes recommendations for network infrastructure security improvements. The report also includes a priority list of suggestions how to decrease risks, adapted to the environment and special needs of the organization.

The Junisys Secure advantages
With the Junisys Secure service you gain the following key advantages:

  • proactive prevention of business damage as a result of preventive fixes of errors
  • increased availability and stability of the network functioning
  • integral insight into the network functionality and current condition of key business processes
  • consulting about strategic decisions for network improvements and faster investment on return