Network Design

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    What is Junisys Design?
    Global competition is forcing companies around the world to adapt and expand their information infrastructure to maintain or improve their competitiveness in global marketplace. IT managers are being pressured to facilitate changes with new technology at breakneck speeds. While the internetworking hardware and software becomes easier and easier to install, the new technologies required to implement future-proof information infrastructure like switching, virtual LANs, ATM, Quality of Service etc. as well as integration challenges grow more and more complex.

    Junisys Design services assist clients with their physical, logical and operational network infrastructures. These services produce detailed network specifications and implementation tactics necessary to achieve clients’ business objectives. Junisys provides clients with a complete design documentation that identify the specific technologies to be used and how these technologies will be configured and implemented. These services also take into consideration how the new technology will integrate into the client’s existing hardware and software and how it will be managed on an ongoing basis.

    Benefits of Junisys Design
    Clients using Junisys Design services benefit from first-hand experience our engineers have gained by designing, implementing and troubleshooting large multiprotocol networks. Design documentation gives our clients a clear blueprint for network implementation with long-term growth possibilities. Network implementation time is reduced, future network overhauls or upgrades are faster, the network is easier to maintain and operate. Clear and structured network design eliminates logical errors, addresses scaling issues and reduces troubleshooting efforts resulting in higher uptime and better network availability. The bottom-line gain for our clients is reduced total cost of information infrastructure ownership, faster time-to-market and above all, improved competitiveness.