What is Junisys Implement?
The best hardware, software and design could not bring your information infrastructure to its full potential on time, if you neglected the implementation details. Recent improvements in ease-of-use of information infrastructure solutions unfortunately do not result in easier implementation of complex heterogenous networks, making in-house information infrastructure implementation a risky proposal for IT managers. The technical expertise of Junisys ‘s engineering team, together with our project management experience, will make sure that your network will be fully operational, optimized, validated and documented on scheduled deadlines.

What is covered by Junisys Implement?
Our network implementation services include:

  • LAN, switched LAN and virtual LAN implementation
  • core, distribution, access and dial-up network implementation
  • legacy protocol integration
  • security solutions, including firewalls and encryption
  • Intranet, messaging and groupware implementation

Our implementation services cover the whole installation process including:

  • Site preparation
  • Equipment installation and configuration
  • Installation validation with functional tests
  • Optional acceptance tests documented in design documentation
  • Detailed implementation documentation

Benefits of Junisys Implement
Clients using Junisys implementation services benefit from first-hand experience our engineers have gained in design, implementation and troubleshooting of large multiprotocol networks. Following design documentation developed during Junisys Design phase, our engineers implement the network design optimizing the equipment configuration to give our clients optimally performing infrastructure that support their business processes and give them competitive advantage.